Netposition works closely with clients and conducts a study of the client's strategic market position, business procedures, and existing systems in order to determine the best Internet solution. We then propose our recommendations for a specific solution that takes into account the clients budget, timeline and available resources.

Design and presentation are the most important aspects of attracting and inspiring users to explore your site. In order to attract their attention and encourage them to enter your site on a regular basis it must be interesting, well planned and meticulously designed. While being members in the Netscape Developers Program assists us in maintaining our position at the forefront of design technology, we maintain a constant outlook on new technologies being developed by other concerns and adopt them into our production. We take great pride in our design capabilities that conforms to the message and the image your firm aims to portray.

Website and Application Development and Integration
After establishing the strategic solution that suits our client we define the roles the system will perform in order to meet their objectives. We research and evaluate all major Internet technologies and tools in order to successfully provide with the ultimate and latest solution to meet their needs.
Our objectives are to design, build and launch a system that is logically planned, scales well over time, is secure and is easy to use, administer and manage.
Netposition provides a project management team and tools that offers efficient production services from programming to graphic design and site maintenance. The result is a solution that is delivered on time, in accordance with budget and coordinates the multiple requirements and resources.
Netposition puts together a team with a wide range of expertise in every project in order to optimize use of the technology available- whether it is object-based and relational databases, customized ActiveX, ASP,PHP, Cold Fusion, CGI, Java, Java scripting, Visual Basic, VB scripting, C++ programming or third-party application integration (software and hardware).

Netposition provides a variety of hosting solutions for our clients in a variety of worldwide destinations. Hosting solutions take into account the target audience and the type and quantity of traffic expected.

Web Promotion
Internet Marketing - an essential Ingredient for success in the online world Netposition's on-line marketing services work to generate more traffic to your site, increase your site's presence and improve the odds that clients who're searching for information related to the goods or services offered by your organization, will find your site quickly and easily, before they find that of your competitor. These services involve a wide range of methods and techniques that we've developed through years of learning and experimenting:

Site Optimization and Registration
Our Internet marketing staff, with your cooperation, will define your marketing goals and target market. After analyzing the information, they will feed into the site's code keywords and titles that will help make it stand out from the crowd. This will help search engines that visit your site to index it correctly, higher up in their lists as possible. In addition, we will manually register your site in over 100 search engines and directories. (Manual registration is much more accurate and efficient than automatic registration done by registration software programs.)

Link Development
Netposition's marketing staff will locate strategic sites, ones which are visited by people who're likely to be interested in what your organization has to offer, and attempt to place links that will lead the visitors to your site. These sites can include on-line trade magazines, link sites, and trade directories.

Netposition's marketing experts will locate newsgroups that are relevant to your organization, and place notices and messages that will refer readers to your site. This of course will be done with strict adherence to Netiquette.

Monthly Maintenance
Search engines update their listings regularly, and therefore it is important to continuously monitor your site's presence. Our marketing experts will regularly check the engines and directories, and make any adjustment or upgrades necessary to ensure continued good listing.

A well-planned, well-executed marketing campaign can be extremely effective in itself. However, adding banner advertising can greatly increase the impact. Our advertising specialists will develop a media plan designed to meet your advertising goals and budget, and, in tandem with the creative team, will design an effective banner to be placed in carefully selected sites throughout the Net. Our Internet marketing services have proven themselves extremely effective for a wide range of our clients, and we consider them essential in every on-line project. We invest a great deal of effort in developing them, and are determined to continue providing the most effective Internet marketing services on the market.